One year, booking another vacation to the United States. My husband and I wanted to see the West coast, but there was so much we wanted to see.

Like Los Angles, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Death Vally, The Serra Nevada Mountains, San Francisco, and of course being nature lovers, Big Sur on the way back to LA.

But the thing is that renting a car with hotels/motels, checking-in & out, packing and unpacking, just thought of it all gave us a headache. So we looked into renting an RV/Camper.


The rental was only $24 a day and we had a house on wheels to be able to stop where we wanted and eat when we wanted, but most of all no packing and unpacking

….Ahhhhhhhhhh. Blissfulness….. 

The only big expense other than our ticket was buying the package of unlimited miles $700. Since we booked all this months in advance, it was all paid for 1 month before out trip.

We had 3 weeks total and 2 weeks with the camper and we got an adventure that we never expected. We also got something else.

The Camper Fever!

When we got back to Italy, we bought a camper and our adventures began


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  1. This looks like a fantastic site, thanks for telling me about it 🌷

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    1. yes i am working on our trip this past weekend to Le Cinque Terre… a gorgeous place off the northern west coast of Italy.

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