Le Cinque Terre/ Liguria

4 Days April 22-25



We decided to take off for a long weekend to see the famous “Cinque Terre”. This time it is not jus my husband and I but we invited dear friends along with their 6 year old daughter. 

Sat April 22

We began our 4 day weekend by stopping and having lunch in the camper, on Lago di Trasimeno. This is a beautiful lake that is the largest in central Italy and fourth largest in all of Italy. This lake has three islands, but today we see nothing because it’s not the best day to be out taking photos, hopes it gets better where we are going.


Then we were on or way to Pisa, well only to visit the “Leaning Tower of Pisa”.

It was really monumental the tower, to the point that it just seemed fake. I honestly never cared to see it, since we took this vacation with friends and they wanted to go. I sucked it up, I must tell you I was really amazed by the tower and the whole park itself. Actually it was quite, breathtaking.


Let’s go find that tower!


Then we were off to our area camper (parking) in Spezia, before night fall.

#EuropeanCamperAdventures #ECA #CI #Cinqueterre #camperadventures #Lemarchemagic #Italiancamper #Spezia
Sosta Camper in Spezia

Wow, we made it there by 6pm and next thing we know there was a line of campers behind us. This place has 100 spaces for campers but only 25 with electricy, we did not have electricy but that is ok. As we came into the gate they had us park immediatly, close to the entrance, thank goodness because, one good wifi and two they only let 5 more campers in then they closed for being too full. We made it! We parked and while I cooked dinner the guys went out and bought bus tickets for the morning, also got the train information, to see the Cinque Terre then we went to bed, to be bright and bushy tailed for the morning. Camper parking cost 6 euro a day, bus 1.50…….train was 16 euro a day

Sunday April 23        

Up and out to catch a bus then the train to the Cinque Terre, below is the route we will be taking. We started with Monterosso and work our way back to, La Spezia, we bought tickets for two days so that we need not rush. cinque-terre-map-56a3a33e5f9b58b7d0d2f3ed The tickets for the Cinque Terre are sold in the train station and  are  sold as a package, by the day with hiking included. Hiking! Well yes you can actually hike from some the villages, but not all, because a few years back there were avalanches that closed the trails and they still have not been opened. 

*On the bus we met  some Americans traveling the same route as us. Since I spoke Italian, I was able to help them out with buying tickets, because they were in the wrong line, actully the whole process of getting the tickets can be confussing if the train station is full of people. We saw them in every in every village today, and in Corniglia, we ended up taking a wonderful photo together.


#EuropeanCamperAdventures #ECA #CI #Cinqueterre #camperadventures #Lemarchemagic #Italiancamper #Monterosso
The map of Monterosso


Well, what can I say about Monterosso I really was not impressed. We got off the train in a seaside town, that had a street along the sea with shops for tourist. I tried to be excited to “be there” but I was like, ehh. I really did not see this “Magic Jewel” or why it was so special.


So we decided to go on the beach to take some photos and we did see an amazing sculpture carved out to make a seaside restaurant, that was closed.

We continued up the side of the cliff, I took more photos and still was like, ehh, ok. Then my husband said “look, at all those people walking into that tunnel waaaaayyyyy over on, the other side there.” And yes , I saw people walking into a tunnel, I thought they were going to the other village, so we decided to follow.

#EuropeanCamperAdventures #ECA #CI #Cinqueterre #camperadventures #Lemarchemagic #Italiancamper #Monterosso
Big Rock

We we down the cliff and crossed over to the other side.

When we to the mouth of the tunnel there was wonderful music being played by a street musician.  As we entered the tunnel, we were surrounded by music and it almost carried us through the tunnel to the other side. 


Ahhhh, now I get it. This is the real Monterosso, when we emerged from the tunnel there was a charming seaside village that went, inland from the beach. Though it all seemed attached, each home was a different color and shape. Honestly, I did not take too many pics here because I was in, awe.



Hopping on the train to Vernazza

#EuropeanCamperAdventures #ECA #CI #Cinqueterre #camperadventures #Lemarchemagic #Italiancamper #Monterosso
Waiting for the train

Well, when we got off the train the crowds of people were crazy! Only one staircase, in the, above ground train station, for people to enter and leave the station.


On the right side of the tunnel, there is a staircase, all the people above and below are waiting to go up or down.FullSizeRender 4

Vernazza, is a jewel, away from the station.

Crashing Wave!

A walk up to see the tower

From this point my husband left us to walk to the next village, Corniglia

A Beautiful SunSet from Coriglia

Day 3, Monday April 24th

Today we are off to see the two remaining Terre of Le Cinque Terre, Manarola & Riomaggiore

FullSizeRender 9

I fell in Love with Manarola, this seaside jewel is breathtaking, first how it is situated as a village along the coast so the sun hits all the colorful houses. As we walked on all the paths that surround this charming fishing village, I am amazed by the vineyards clinging to the sides of the cliffs.  Now I will let my photos do the talking.

Art is everywhere



 We are off to Riomaggiore


We went back to the camper at 5pm and left the campsite to go look for a perfect spot to park to see the sunset and have an apairitveo 

Woke up to this and took a photo of the camper

Tuesday April 25th the last day and dive back home.

We Parked in Santa Margherita, Ligure for the day and walked to Portofino. Because they were not letting traffic that was not local into Portofino. There was a trail to walk that took about 20 mins.

This yacht should not be able to park here and ruin the view.

#EuropeanCamperAdventures #ECA #CI #Cinqueterre #camperadventures #Lemarchemagic #Italiancamper #Monterosso #Manarola #Vernazza #Corniglia #Riomaggiore #Portofino
This is the view of Portofino

I prayed it would leave, at least it was not in our last shot of our vacation.

#EuropeanCamperAdventures #ECA #CI #Cinqueterre #camperadventures #Lemarchemagic #Italiancamper #Monterosso #Manarola #Vernazza #Corniglia #Riomaggiore #Portofino
I prayed the yacht would be gone
#EuropeanCamperAdventures #ECA #CI #Cinqueterre #camperadventures #Lemarchemagic #Italiancamper #Monterosso #Manarola #Vernazza #Corniglia #Riomaggiore #Portofino
Us with Portofino behind us and No Yacht

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was a bit long but if you made it this far and enjoyed it leave a comment ot like, if you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask.

Thank You Again for reading, Issa





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  1. How great that you nudged that big yacht out of the scene! So many photos, but each was special.. that tree perched atop of that rocky —- what would one call that – not an island? — could represent many things – diligence, hope, strong will, etc! the art, the music in the tunnel, etc… all add to transporting us there.. but where’s my morning coffee? ha, time to go say hello to the birds, which are singing sweetly this early morning!

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    1. ode to Bob Marley… three little birds, upon my door step singing sweet songs….

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