Going to Barcelona & Valencia Spain

Well in a camper it took more than 13 hrs, to drive straight to Barcelona from our house. It took 16 hrs, my husband was a real trooper, he drove the whole day of December 31, 2016. We drove straight through France. On the, highway we ran into these guys. Doing the famous race from Monte Carlo, France to Dakar, Africa!!!

French tolls from Italy to Spain: 74 euro, 6hrs to get through France

Got to Barcelona and we parked in a truck parking in the middle of the city near the , FOURM….

We Started our first day of 2017 biking the city of Barcelona.


January 1, 2017

We biked from our camper to Monjuic then to La Rambla, around the city a bit. Ate bad paella, then back to the camper. Total of 28km. 

January 2, 2017

Day 2 in Barcelona we decided to take the Big Bus Tour.

More Graffiti…. just loved it all over the city!

We got off the Big Bus Tour and decided to go eat the famous Paella at the restaurant Los Caracoles, it was located off one the tiny streets from La Rambla .  But first the aquarium. 

Good Night!

January 3 0f 2017

We left for Valencia, found a wonderful campground that even had wifi…

January 4th

We took off on the bikes again to go see Valencia.

Today we biked 57km.

The next day…..January 5th

We biked into Valencia and went to the historic district. The Market was such a treat!

Today we biked 15 km only

Next Day… January 6th…

We left for Figueres Girona, Spain to visit the Salvador Dali Museum. After finding a place to park the camper we were in for a real treat! 

Then we drove into France to Montpellier for the night. The next morning  January 7th there was a beautiful sunrise. We had breakfast then back on the road, stoped in Fréjus France for lunch….

On the way back through France we drove a bit off the beaten path so the autostrada only costed us 34 euro instead of 74 euro.

We made it into Italy to Recco, Liguria for supper to have famous type of focaccia that is stuffed with cheese that they only do in this area, also a pesto pasta of this village.

We arrived home January 8th, after a beautifully warm vacation to this!!

I hope you enjoyed this adventure!!!!


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